Memorialization provides a permanent, secure place for cremated remains to be placed, and for family members and descendants to honor the lives of the deceased.


Outdoor Niches and Full Casket Spaces

The cremated remains of your loved ones may be safely held in one of our many mausoleum niches and full Casket spaces,crypts.

Scattering In The Cremains Garden

Your loved one’s remains may be scattered freely within a dedicated, natural environment.

Traditional Burial

In ground burial on a family plot with a) full casket in cement vault.

b) Urns encased within a cremation container may be used to bury cremains of two people on top of the casket.

c) Three cremains in 3 different containers may be place in one plot at the head, in the middle and at the foot of a grave site.

d) Create your own private service as Wooster Cemetery will provide a simple arrangement of a few chairs and a table to place the cremains as you or a clergy provide words of remembrance.

Green Burials

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust- From nature we came, and to nature we return. In a cloth wrap we are laid to rest in mother earth. A memorial rock or wooden plaque may be placed upon the grave. Wooster Cemetery is a member of the Green Burial Council since 2011.


Wooster Cemetery works with the Veteran Affairs to help secure a free grave stone (1 Foot by 2 feet) supplied by the Veterans Assoc. for anyone of any branch of the service. Some Veterans are placed in one of the two areas designated for veterans or in private family plots.

Pre Need Arrangements

Wooster cemetery offers its patrons the opportunity to choose your final resting place within our beautiful and peaceful cemetery. We provide a prepayment plan where one can pay on a monthly basis with up to two years to pay off the debt. Private appointments are arranged through the office/chapel located at20 Ellsworth Ave. Call 203-748-8529 to schedule your appointment.

Great Plain Cemetery

A small ½ acre site with many of Danbury’s earliest Settlers of the Stadley Rough and Great Plain area. One grave site, dated June 25, 1864, has the remains of Sargent Eli W. Stevens a captive at the notorious Andersonville Civil War Prisoner Camp in Georgia



Wooster Cemetery provides peace and quiet where one can peacefully sit in various places to sit and watch the abundant wildlife, listen to the rustling leaves, as well as a large variety of songbirds whistling their individual tunes.


Art classes are stationed throughout the rolling hills, gym classes walk along challenged by the variety of terrains, and summer youth camps seek a variety of ecological and biological happenings throughout the acres of Wooster Cemetery.


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